Who can nominate for the Lovable Workplaces Awards?

The competition is open to all micro, small, medium and large companies, regardless of industry, company size or location. 150 SMEs, 50 large and 30 Romanian companies will receive the award in 2023. DreamJobs motto is that every workplace is a dream workplace for someone, which is why we give space and opportunity on our page for companies to show themselves as workplaces rather than companies. Every company is lovable for something different, whether it’s successful or struggling, the team behind it is always strong and certainly lovable, which is why every company has a chance to win the Award.

Is the nomination free?

Yes, it is completely free, no hidden costs! At DreamJobs, we want as many people as possible to know how many great workplaces are there in 2023 as well. We want to let more people know why the people who work at these workplaces love their jobs and what life is like behind the scenes at these companies.

But why is this worth it to DreamJobs?

We want as many companies as possible to start to reflect on why it is good to work for them and then consciously and proudly show the world on DreamJobs. Here, every company can provide behind-the-scenes insights in a compact and efficient way. This is important for potential employees, as it will make it easier for them to decide if they would feel comfortable in the company team in the long run. It is also important for HR people to get a comprehensive view of the market. Our initiative is now supported by a number of sponsoring partners so the competition can remain free.

Why is this worth it for the companies?

Creating an employer branding profile for a company on DreamJobs is a process that will not only show your team’s company pride, but also will create a more cohesive team. As a part of the Lovable Workplaces Awards, all entrant companies will be added to the entrant list and will receive publicity. This way, more people can see what it’s like to work for your company. This can be a big boost if you want to hire a new employee, but also to get your product/ service known to as many people as possible - either your customers or potential business partners. Award-winning Lovable Workplaces can place the award badge on their company profile page and in ads of job opportunities, but they can also display it in their other communication channels. Out of the TOP 200 companies, the professional jury awards special prizes in several categories, which not only means a one-time award, but can even result in long-term professional relationships as well.

Isn’t that the best workplace where you get paid the most?

According to researches, it is not possible to motivate employees with pay alone in the long run. In addition to financial security, it is important for the employee if they can…

The Lovable Workplaces Award is also committed to help companies learn how much they can help their colleagues connect with the company in addition to their salary and let these things be presented in the right way to the world.

Our company can’t win the award anyway, we don’t even have a beanbag chair!

Yes, it can! Your company has every chance of winning the Lovable Workplaces Award. After all, we don’t reward you for how much you spent on the office, but how important it is for you to make your colleagues enjoy a workday at your company. In the voting period, the same number of people will vote for each company with the help of an algorithm, but the voters will decide on the given points.

How could a 5-person micro-enterprise compete with a 250-person large company?

Some people are more comfortable at a micro-enterprise and some feel better in a bigger team. If a company authentically demonstrates why it is good to work for them, it can address future colleagues with the same priorities. With this competition, we provide an opportunity for this in front of a wider audience. In addition, SMEs and large companies are evaluated in separate categories, so a small company does not have to compete with a large company.

This is all just marketing bullshit that only the bigger companies have the capacity for!

The voters decide which company or workplace is more lovable. And to them, it doesn’t matter who can spin beautiful lies about themselves. What matters is what the company does to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of their colleagues. It also matters if the company has a mission that they can enthusiastically work towards, if they can make an impact with their work, or if they have opportunities for development and time for their private lives as well. There are a number of aspects that can be highlighted that make an employee more likely want to work at a particular company than anywhere else.

Small rural companies have no chance against those in the capital!

Rural companies were also well represented in the competition in previous years! Moreover, the Lovable Workplaces Award has already expanded into Romania, featuring Romanian companies as well. Not everyone wants or has the chance to live in Budapest, just as not everyone wants to work for a large multinational company. Being lovable is not a matter of location or size! The Lovable Workplaces Award gives your company the opportunity to get the attention of the general public.

What are the steps of the competition?

1. Entry: Nomination is done automatically by filling out and publishing your company profile on DreamJobs. The deadline is September 28, 2023 (entries can be also withdrawn until that date).

2. Vote: Between October 01, 2023 and October 31, 2023, the general public will score the nominated company profiles.
Voters will give points for how strongly companies represent the following things:
- why is it good to work for their company
- and how lovable their company is based on the voter’s own subjective opinion.
It’s important to know that our voters won’t be swayed by the company with the largest or most Facebook fans. An algorithm helps during the voting period to ensure fairness and equal opportunities. This means that each company is rated by the same number of people, so that the same number of votes are received for each company profile. The difference is in the points, so the final result is derived from their average.

3. Announcement of results: OnNovember 23, 2023, we will announce the Hungarian winners of the Lovable Workplaces Award in 3 categories.

4. Award ceremony, conference: In 2023, the Awards Ceremony will be presented as an online but live event. The professional jury will also award special HR and Employer Branding Professional Awards to 12 of the award-winning companies. Together with the Awards Ceremony, we will also hold the Lovable Workplaces Conference. Those who are interested will have the opportunity to participate in the conference by attending exciting lectures, inspiring workshops and listening to keynote speakers.

What should you know about DreamJobs?

The concept of DreamJobs was dreamed up by Petya and Maja (aka Péter Balogh and Mária Balogh-Mázi), the angel investors of Baconsult. Petya, a former CEO of NNG (now an investor in the Hungarian version of the TV show “Shark Tank”), has also experienced the strategic importance of employer branding and is determined to make it available to startups and SMEs as well. This is where the idea of a dream workplace started! The company is run by Maja, with the powerful support of Géza Pataki as CEO.
And of course there is the team behind DreamJobs! A team of about 30 people who work together as experts in sales, marketing, IT development and many other areas.
What connects us strongly is that we believe in the Lovable Workplaces initiative! Just like we believe in the fact that it is worth showing how many great companies a person could and should work for, and that every workplace can provide a dream job!