At IBM Budapest Lab (formerly USTREAM) we develop an online video and live streaming platform and build products and solutions using IBM Watson's cognitive capabilities. We operate as the R&D center of IBM Cloud Video, creating the future of cloud-based video technology.

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Budapest, Andrássy út 39, 1061 Hungary

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IBM Budapest Lab - Fotó az irodáról

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Ahogy tetszik Kutatás + Fejlesztés Tech Mentorálás IT Meetup szervezők Csapatépítés Informatika Tőzsdei Nyitottak vagyunk Tulajdon rész Cafeteria Flow élmény All you can move kártya Esélyegyenlőség Média

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IBM Budapest Lab - Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

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We organise conferences like Craft/Amuse/Crunch, also hold regular tech talks and meet-ups.

We have a great access to online courses &Safari books. 20% of our hours is devoted for stability projects.


Collaboration first!
Mac or PC
Bike, public transport or car?
There is a garage, bicycle storage- we support all


IBM Budapest Lab - Ügyfeleink
IBM Budapest Lab - Ügyfeleink
IBM Budapest Lab - Ügyfeleink
IBM Budapest Lab - Ügyfeleink
IBM Budapest Lab - Ügyfeleink

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The great thing about our office is that it's right in the heart of Budapest, surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops, plus we have a balcony with an amazing view of the city center where we organise team events / grill parties together.

We acquire 4 floors within the famous Paris Department Store with lots of collaboration spaces. Dogs are welcome all the time!

Some Tech we use

PHP, Go, MySQL, Redis

RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes

Grafana, Graphite, PagerDuty (edited)

DevOps, Scrum, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Travis CI, Job DSL, Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus, Openduty , Pagerduty,

Linux, Debian , Ubuntu, Amazon 

SoftLayer, Bluemix, Ganeti

OpenStack,  Juniper, Open vSwitch OpenContrail 

Xen,  KVM, Chef , Ansible 

Terraform, Ruby, HAProxy, Varnish,  Apache   

MogileFS,   Ceph , S3,   Cleversafe , MariaDB , Radio Data System (RDS) 

MongoDB, Elasticsearch

About the workplace

Whom will you work with?
Experts of future video technology
How do we give feedback?
In a continously developing 360 system
Number of people/office space
4 modern levels in an art deco palace

Products / Services

  • IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager
  • Watson Video Enrichment
  • IBM Cloud Video ECDN

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