Secure health records for everyone


Healcloud / Healinsight

At Healcloud, we are working to transform the quality of care and healthcare data informatics across Europe – and beyond.

Our solutions empower patients, liberate medical practitioners, and leverage big data to deliver actionable insights that help drive better health outcomes, supporting clinical trials and life sciences research.


Healcloud's mission is to develop unique, high-level medical informatics solutions that have not been available to general practitioners throughout Europe before.

Mi hiányozna, ha elmennék?

Strong teamwork in the start-up rollercoaster.

Orsi , HRM

Iroda cím

Budapest, Anker köz 2-4, 1061 Magyarország

Fotó az irodáról

Healcloud - Fotó az irodáról

Munka-magánélet egyensúly


Ettől különleges a termékünk

IT Adatvizualizáció Big Data UI/UX Javascript Szoftverfejlesztés Agilis Healthcare


  1. 2015.05.01

    Foundation of the Company

  2. 2016.06.01

    Intense recruitement

  3. 2018.01.01

    Intense product development

Hogy szólhatnak bele az alkalmazottak a cég életébe?

We have regular meetings where colleagues can get an insight into the company's daily life and operations. Furthermore, we are working on the company's vision together.

Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Healcloud - Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Így képezzük a kollégákat

  • Regular trainings
  • Opportunities to try out new code languages
  • Summer HR Conferences (Forbes, Aquarium)
  • Product owner training (Mosaic)


Bike, public transport or car?
Public transport
Air conditioning or window?

Ezt szeretjük a legjobban az irodában


Top of the world

Amazing view

Inspiring environment

Melyik híres ember lenne a cég?

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Szakmailag tudatos

Tulajdonságok, amiket értékelünk

  • Open minded
  • Creativity
  • Can Do attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Humor

Websummit / weXelerate

Last year, Healcloud was named one of the Top 60 startups in the world at Web Summit and selected as one of only 50 companies, from over 850 across 55 countries, to join the weXelerate program in Vienna.

We love Budapest Downtown


Work at a vivid, venture backed, European start-up in Budapest, in a challenging, fast-paced and ever changing environment

Work in a small, cross-functional team, with other engineers, designers, data analysts, focused on the growth of the Company’s core products

Responsible for creating customer-facing applications with the latest technologies and design

2nd round of funding

About the workplace

What do you usually have for lunch together?
Common grill, drinks
Average age
Whom will you work with?
GPs, Health Sector

Informal lunch

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