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Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site and app, a place where people are inspired to plan and book direct from millions of travel options at the best prices.


Our people. Their passion.

We all live in a perpetual state of wanderlust, with difference and distance coming together to create a tonic for the soul. Putting travellers at the heart of everything we do, at Skyscanner we're obsessed with turning their travel dreams into reality. And we’re only 1% done! We bring great minds together to make the hard stuff easy.

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Zsuzsanna Petrik-Jelentős
			    									- Office Manager
I would really miss our team, the supportive and fun environment, the lunches together and the great parties (the legend Cocktail Flow party). XoXo ;)
Zsuzsanna Petrik-Jelentős , Office Manager

Iroda cím

Budapest, Károly krt. 6, 1052 Hungary

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Autonomy and transparency Working at scale Big on personal development Building features from scratch Employees set up for success Developing kickass tooling 80 million users a month


  1. 2003.01.01

    Skyscanner Launched

  2. 2005.01.01

    Expands across Europe with foreign site launches

  3. 2011.01.01

    First app release

  4. 2013.01.01

    Singapore/Miami/Bejing office opened

  5. 2014.01.01

    Skyscanner acquired Distinction and opened an office in Budapest

  6. 2016.01.01

    Flight, hotel and car hire apps combine app

  7. 2018.01.01

    Skyscanner announces acquisition by leading Chinese OTA, Ctrip

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We are proud of what we do and the way we go about it, so it’s really important that we nurture our company culture: challenge, autonomy, development, reward and a healthy work/life balance.

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We are supported to do internal trainings through Skyscanner University, as well as visiting external events, courses, conferences. We have a group of Agile coaches and Lean ambassadors.


Mac vagy PC
Nyakkendő vagy rövidnadrág?
Star Wars vagy Ben Hur?
Star Wars


Skyscanner - Ügyfeleink
Skyscanner - Ügyfeleink
Skyscanner - Ügyfeleink
Skyscanner - Ügyfeleink
Skyscanner - Ügyfeleink

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The kitchen area with the beautiful pixel wall

What I love about this office is that we are the office – that’s why it looks like how it looks like

Dogs in the office

Free food and drinks

I love the coworkers in the office, everyone is so friendly and caring ;)

I love that we are democratic & collaborative in the design of our office environment and our office life.

Peanuts as meeting point



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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


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Honesty, Humbleness, Open-minded, Positivity, Inclusivity, Creativity, Pushing the barriers, Team player, Fun

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Szerethető Munkahelyek Díj 2018 díjazottja

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