Digital products and online marketing campaigns

Carussel is a digital marketing agency specialized in automotive industry. From websites to online marketing to mobile marketing, we are helping automotive companies out perform their competition.

15 Years In Automotive
15 Years In Digital
High Customer Retention
High flexibility


The main goal of our services is to convert website visitors into leads, delivering potential customers to secure greater revenues for our clients!

Mi hiányozna, ha elmennék?

			    									- Office Manager

Kind of everything, now it feels like a second home to me. But I'd miss the most my friends with whom I've met here at Carussel over the last 10 years.

Andi , Office Manager

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Budapest, Lajos u. 28, 1023 Magyarország

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Carussel - Fotó az irodáról

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Carussel - Csapatvideó

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Over 1000 dealerships Digital products Multicultural and multilingual Digital marketing services 31 European countries Satisfied loyal customers


  1. 2003.01.01


  2. 2005.01.01

    Launched national websites for Opel in 19 east european countries

  3. 2006.01.01

    Chevrolet and Saab on board in 10+ east european countries

  4. 2009.01.01

    Started the specification of a webplatform (called Dealer Web Toolkit) especially for car dealers

  5. 2012.01.01

    Launched the Dealer Web Toolkit in Serbia and Greece for 10+ dealers

  6. 2015.01.01

    Launched the Dealer Web Toolkit in France for 237 car dealers

  7. 2017.01.01

    Launched the Dealer Web Toolkit for Suzuki dealers in Hungary

  8. 2018.01.01

    Carussel operates 1037 dealer websites in 30+ countries throughout Europe

Hogy szólhatnak bele az alkalmazottak a cég életébe?

With the help of the Carussel Creative Open. Thanks to this initiation, our employee have the chance to create and design their own product idea and learn from each other during this whole process.

Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Carussel - Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Így képezzük a kollégákat

The regularity of training is based on the individuals' need, we do morning language courses, internal knowledge sharing within and across departments, online training courses, multi-day conferences


Beer, wine or shot?
Most proud of
Our corporate culture, our team
Ties or shorts?
As you like

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We love it because:

  • it is an open office with lots of light, colors and plants, really cosy and homey
  • it's biker-friendly
  • we have a great coffee maker
  • we have a big kitchen with a ping pong table where we can spend time together, e.g. having breakfast together
  • it is really close to the Kolosy square with lots of restaurants, bistros and shops. Honestly, the lunch is always a real gourmet experience!

Tulajdonságok, amiket értékelünk

Proactive behavior, Honesty, Humor

Carussel team at a party

Carussel  - Carussel team at a party

Carussel Culture Club

Our Team

Mutual breakfasts, volleyball matches, morning language lessons, and humor above all else, this is how we are filled with good vibes and energy. In our office you will always find a good supply of laughter- and chocolate.

You can discover and develop your skills – perhaps some you don’t yet know you possess and you can easily move across roles at Carussel.

Office breakfast

Our CSR approach

We are proud of our charitable activities. We support the Bagázs Organization, which helps the Roma settlement of Bag by organizing educational and work activities in this village near Budapest and by collecting used clothes and household items those who are in need. We also participated in Kicsi Pakk initiation last year and we are planning to do it again this year.

We know Automotive

We quickly recognize trends, new developing strategies, tactics, and capabilities in the industry.

We use this along with our experience to position and deliver the newest digital services to our automotive clients

Product Development

The product development team is a mash-up of designers, UX, research and product operations. We strive to improve the business with new ideas and new approaches every day. We are looking for new solutions tirelessly. We involve everyone with the aim of having an imaginative, diverse approach to problem solving. So we are the people who are thinking differently, reading the UX & tech blogs, writes endless docs about features and keep pushing a consistent vein of creative freedom .

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